U1 Lesson 9 Gradient & Colors Lesson Questions

Lesson 9

I learned how to use gradient colors and change the colors.



**05-04 Blog – DEFINE

I will organize my info by putting my info in different sections it belongs (example :seatbelt info,inside car info etc)

2 pieces of info i will include i will use from car reading in egg car design is ” Anything in the car has its own car”and also “The airbag has space between the passenger and the stearing wheel” from the article car safety reading. This will be helpful in my car because i could put a mini airbag in the egg and now i know i have to put it between the passenger and the stearing wheel to proctect the egg from cracking.

In this project I will build an egg car that protects the egg in a collision using  seatbelt and air bags safety features.”

  • Describe some of the different ideas you have for creating a successful egg car – what are some different materials or construction strategies you might use?    tissue,car toy wheel.




So im done with my scrolling game. I improve on the backgorund because it wasn’t working. I made my sprite jump. Im planning to doing it more creative in my free time, putting more sprites etc. I complete my original goal was to look make everything work.


im going to make a video game. The unicorn will go left and right avoding the objects from the sky. The background just going to be a park,grass. Im still thinking what the objects will be