egg car pitch

I didn’t had time and no materials to build the whole car so i used my brother car.It had space in the back for the egg.The car didn’t had a big built surface to keep the egg in so i built the walls from cardboard making the egg stay inside.The process building  my car went well. During the egg competition my egg had a major injury my car didn’t made the constraints for “keeping the egg safe” from energy produced in the crash but it did roll and include air bags.I learned that when building something for a project i should start right away so i won’t rush and then the project could go well. I need to improve organizing my things and planning time.



For my egg car i will put seat belt and cottons to protect it from crashing. Since i don’t know how to build an egg car  and i don’t have all the materials to build it i will use my brother car toys.Also it doesn’t have high surface to cover the egg and protect so i will put card board surrounding the egg. It did not meet the constraints expect it did roll but it the egg had a major injury.The egg car didn’t had enough space to fit properly so in future project’s im going to keep in mind that space is needed and seat belt so it won’t fly off. Soft surface to protect it.

Develop BLOG

The result of my first egg car was that it rolled down and it  crashed.My egg flew out and cracked. The feedback i got was that to make a seat belt so it wont fall out and put more fluffy cottons.The next step is to make my car safer.Putting a door,seat belt so it won’t fly out while rolling down.Also putting more cottons.

*05-05 Blog – DESIGN Phyiscs

1 physics       1physics

The meterials i need is an egg carton, cotton balls,tape. I will get them at the 99 cent store.I will build my car making space for the inside for later on i would put seats,seatbelts,airbag etc. The  market im designing my car for is just for normal person. I will build my car during the weekend and have it ready for the competetion.First build the car then just add more stuff. Lastly i will  revise/check my car. I can’t describe specificly my steps becuase im still trying to find out which material will work and which materials go first.