Mariana avila

My name is mariana avila im 14. I live in the bronx with my 2 parents.
I have a brother name Andrew. I go to school in Urban Assembly maker Academy im in the 9 grade.


Things i love


  • Pizza
  • anime
  • aracde games
  • bands



What im doing during this summer

Im going cruising with my firends and explore around NYC. Im going to study more about world war 2 and the vietnam war.

This year im going to warped tour 2016. Im going to bunch of concerts and meet people i love



what are the pages, resources and navigation of your website?

On each seperate page its going to focus on one subjects. The subjects are photography,painting,food and the last page i don’t know yet i think just random things are going to be in it.  I will store my pictures in categories.