My goal for the project was to make a cloner of the sprite and just be creative.The cloner and colors works. I think next time i will make a pattern with the sprite. I need to add more sripts to the sprite and make/go do something else    final cloner



final cloner     This is my final piece. I made it go to a different directions and make it keep spinning,colorful and i added a fisheye making the head look big.

Midpoint Status Report

My original for the project is just make clones and just make it creative.I have made it  colorful.I want to change the movement i don’t want the sprite just spinning in circle i wan’t it to last longer, going in different directions so the movement needs to be done.Tomorrow thursday when i don’t have school tomorrow i will finish my movements.



Cloner Define

I just need one sprite .The cloners will move and turn around changing different colors.The cloners will get rid when it stops. The part of the program will take long is when it gets to the edge. I think i need help with the sprite turing around.