Here my visual scratch with pusheen the cat




Mariana avila

My name is mariana avila im 14. I live in the bronx with my 2 parents.
I have a brother name Andrew. I go to school in Urban Assembly maker Academy im in the 9 grade.


Things i love


  • Pizza
  • anime
  • aracde games
  • bands



What im doing during this summer

Im going cruising with my firends and explore around NYC. Im going to study more about world war 2 and the vietnam war.

This year im going to warped tour 2016. Im going to bunch of concerts and meet people i love


My goal for the project was to make a cloner of the sprite and just be creative.The cloner and colors works. I think next time i will make a pattern with the sprite. I need to add more sripts to the sprite and make/go do something else    final cloner

Midpoint Status Report

My original for the project is just make clones and just make it creative.I have made it  colorful.I want to change the movement i don’t want the sprite just spinning in circle i wan’t it to last longer, going in different directions so the movement needs to be done.Tomorrow thursday when i don’t have school tomorrow i will finish my movements.