Discover Stage:

In prototyping, we created a design for many things. Early in the year, we created designs for shoes and cars. Our main task was to build a skateboard and be creative designing it. My teacher, Mr.Gerry taught us the steps of how to build a skateboard and showed us different design techniques. Then in groups of 2, we started to create our own skateboard from wood and other materials given to us.

Define Stage:

Me and my friend max worked together on the skateboard. Starting off we had to glue the layers of wood together, but we had different layers of wood long and cross grains. They had to be put in a specific order. We used glue, an air vacuum with a piece of foam to give the skateboard its volume. Whenever we had to glue the layers we only had 7 minutes to apply it and it took many days since it took a long time to dry. Once we were done creating our skateboards, we moved on with the designing step.



Design Stage: 

My teacher Mr.Gerry showed us different ideas and techniques to put on our skateboards. Me and my partner decided to create our skateboard inspired by a video game called Persona 5. The theme of the video game is red with black stars.  We started sketching ideas and as went along the project they were changed. Once we knew what we wanted to design we had to get our materials together.

Develop Stage: 

We used many things to design our Persona 5 skateboard. We cut out vinyl in shape of stars. We print out persona characters from the video game and wheat-pasted them on to the skateboard. For one character we decided to use wood burning to include him. We used paint to write out “Take your heart” a quote from P5.


Deliver Stage: 

We put everything together and we were done with our skateboard. This was all done inspired by Persona 5. Some things that I would change is adding more stars and re doing Akechi wood burn and shift it vertically. I would add more persona 5 designs. IMG_20180608_124624


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