*05-05 Blog – DESIGN Phyiscs

1 physics       1physics

The meterials i need is an egg carton, cotton balls,tape. I will get them at the 99 cent store.I will build my car making space for the inside for later on i would put seats,seatbelts,airbag etc. The  market im designing my car for is just for normal person. I will build my car during the weekend and have it ready for the competetion.First build the car then just add more stuff. Lastly i will  revise/check my car. I can’t describe specificly my steps becuase im still trying to find out which material will work and which materials go first.




So im done with my scrolling game. I improve on the backgorund because it wasn’t working. I made my sprite jump. Im planning to doing it more creative in my free time, putting more sprites etc. I complete my original goal was to look make everything work.


im going to make a video game. The unicorn will go left and right avoding the objects from the sky. The background just going to be a park,grass. Im still thinking what the objects will be

Scroller.sb2 Deliver Post

What not working on my scroller is the background it doesn’t look like the sprite moving. I have until friday.On my free time i should work on my missing assignments. My original goal was to just to make it perfectly work.The parts of scratch that is working is the unicorn it would change costumes making it looking it walking. The parts that aren’t working is the background won’t changed. The most important thing to fix is just the backkground.